Estonia helps Ukraine to adapt to the EU agricultural requirements

05.06.14 | News

Minister of Agriculture Ivari Padar met the Minister of Agriculture of Ukraine Igor Shvaika to sign the action plan for strengthening cooperation in the sector of agriculture. Estonia helps Ukraine to adapt to the EU common agricultural policy.

„In the sector of agriculture, Ukraine has been an important trade partner for Estonia and we hope that our cooperation will continue. Therefore, it is important to help Ukraine in adaptation to the EU requirements,“ said Minister of Agriculture Ivari Padar. „The better individual states manage, the stronger the European Union is.“

According to Minister’s words, the development of the administration of agriculture and fisheries and the promotion of trade are in focus.

The action plan signed between the Ministries of Agriculture of the two countries foresees sharing Estonian experience in the following fields: adaptation to the EU legislation, agricultural research and education, development of agriculture and rural areas, livestock farming (incl. animal breeding), veterinary medicine, plant health, fishery and information technology.

Estonian partners are as follows: Ministry of Agriculture, Veterinary and Food Board, Animal Breeders Association and other interested enterprises and organisations.

Minister of Agriculture Ivari Padar will be in Ukraine from 3 to 5 June. He will visit the fair „Agro 2014“ and participate in the conference „New opportunities and challenges for trade in agricultural products between Ukraine and the EU“ where Padar will give a presentation about Estonian experience in accession to the EU and its impact on Estonian agriculture.