26th-27th June 2012, Sofia

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CAP:re:turn to the future

International conference CAP: PAST AND FUTURE

14 September, Sofia,

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CAP:re:turn to the future

CAP and education

12 October 2012, Lisbon, Portugal

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CAP:re:turn to the future

The impact of CAP on European Farmers – Is the Policy Fair?

26 October 2012, Valletta,

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CAP:re:turn to the future

The right balance between common and particular in CAP

CAP: Past and Future

We present you the video clip CAP: Past and Future. It summarizes the key moments from the International conference "CAP: Past and Future".



The information campaign "CAP:re:turn to the future" is pleased to present a 3D Interactive Photo/Video Exhibition of received works under the video/photo competition RE:TURN TO THE FUTURE -AGRICULTURE" to celebrate this European policy's 50th anniversary. The initiative recognizes the outstanding use of video and photography to tell compelling stories of the life of agricultural producers and the impact that their achievements have on the European citizens.


How to use the installation

  • 3D Interactive installation is the next generation of 3D presentations integrating a holographic projection in combination with interaction via gestures. This new technology delivers an entirely new way to interact with digital content. It allows you to control the information flow just by moving your body.

Final event

Closing conference "CAP: 50 YEARS ON"

On 14th of December in Brussels the final conference under project “CAP:Re:Turn to the Future” took place. The official event was under the heading "CAP: 50 YEARS ON". The conference was attended by representatives of farming industry bodies, local initiative groups and organic producer organizations from the four participant countries – Bulgaria, Estonia, Portugal and Malta. At the conference the book „CAP, past and present” was presented containing the major findings of the project.

At the end of the conference an official announcement was made of the finalists in the “Re:turn to the Future – Agriculture” photo/video competition and their photos and videos were presented.

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"Wine - Douro Valley" 

Manuel Luis Rebelo Gomes

"Back to Basics"

Francisco Telles Varela

"A field of storks"

Eddy Kont


Ott Rõngas