29.06.12 | News

Fund "Agriculture" approved a 2.5 million leva to be used for ethnographic exhibitions, tourist centers and trails

Investments are under Measure 313: Encouragement of tourism activities, part of the Programme for Development of Agricultural Regions. Four projects are going to be for establishing centers for exhibition of ethnographic heritage and the natural pride of municipalities Smyadovo, Alfatar, Nedelino, and Nevestino. The funds will secure traditional national-style costumes, 3-4 minute films...

28.06.12 | News

EU organic logo fully up and running from 1 July 2012

The two-year transition period for the organic food sector to comply with new EU labelling rules is reaching its end. As from 1 July 2012, the EU organic logo will be obligatory on all pre-packaged organic food products produced in EU Member States which meet the necessary standards. The logo will stay optional for non-packed and imported organic products. Other private, regional or national...

27.06.12 | News

Closing of international conference „CAP: Past and Future”

The Common Agricultural Policy is among the strongest EU policies by virtue of its impact not only on the farming community, but also on all citizens of the European Union”, stated Mrs. Svetlana Boyanova, Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Food, at international conference „CAP: Past and Future”. The event took place on 26th-27th June 2012 in Sofia under the patronage of Mr....

International conference CAP: PAST AND FUTURE June 26-27, Sofia

Start date: 26.06.12

End date: 27.06.12

Under the patronage of  Miroslav Naydenov,  Minister of Agriculture and Food
Special keynote address from Maria Nedelcheva, MEP, Committee for Agriculture of EP 

The two-day International conference "CAP: Past and Future" was held under the patronage of the Bulgarian minister of agriculture and food Miroslav Naydenov. Representatives of ministries and a variety of organizations from Bulgaria, Portugal, Estonia and Malta participated in the conference. The official guests were Mihail DUMITRU, Director, Directorate E “RURAL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMMES I”, Directorate-General “Agriculture and Rural Development” of the European Commission, Deputy Minister of Agriculture Svetlana Boyanova,  Mr. Toomas Cook - Ambassador of Estonia to the Republic Bulgaria and Violeta Stanicic, head of the Information office of the European Parliament in Bulgaria. In a special video address Ms Mariya Nedelcheva, MEP, welcomed the conference participants and organizers.

Materials from the conference

22.06.12 | News

Better treatment of animals

At the meeting of the Agriculture and Fisheries Council, ministers adopted conclusions on the protection and welfare of animals. This is in line with Article 13 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union, which states that, animals being sentient beings, the EU and the member states must pay full regard to their protection. Ministers agreed that future work on the welfare of...

12.06.12 | News

Estonia: More than 14 percent of the farmland is organic

For the fourth time, the brochure "Organic Farming in Estonia" has been published. It informs about the latest facts and figures about organic farming in the country. According to this publication, 14 percent of the agricultural land is now organic (data per end of 2011). In Estonia, organic land has expanded more than ten-fold since 2000, but processing and marketing has not kept up...

11.06.12 | News

European Union and China step up cooperation in agriculture and rural development

The European Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development, Dacian Cioloş, and China Minister for Agriculture, Han Changfu, signed today in Beijing a Cooperation Plan on Agriculture and Rural Development. Building on established relations between China and the European Union, this Plan will give a new impetus to our partnership and bring mutual benefits by establishing a stronger and...

07.06.12 | News

George Pullicino is optimistic that Malta will not face drastic cut in EU farming funds

Тhe Rural Affairs Minister of Malta George Pullicino is “optimistic” that Malta will not face the drastic cut in funds proposed under the revision of the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy. “Discussions about the CAP reform are ongoing and we can’t yet say whether there will be an increase or a decrease in the allocated funds,” he said. A clearer picture...

06.06.12 | News

A Maltese minister hopeful EU will amend proposal for cut in direct aid to farmers

The Rural Affairs Minister of Malta George Pullicino is hopeful that EU proposals for a cut in direct aid to farmers would be amended and would not have the impact that is feared. He was speaking during a visit to Sherries Garden Centre in Burmarrad, which has invested in a €350,000 project, of which €150,000 came from EU funds. The investment included 92 solar panels, a 20x9 metre...