13.02.14 | News

EU ministers ask Commission to withdraw GMO proposal in open letter

Twelve EU ministers have sent an open letter to the health commissioner, Tonio Borg, pressuring the Commission to withdraw its proposal to approve the genetically modified maize 'Pioneer 1507'. The letter was signed by the ministers of Austria, Bulgaria, Cyprus, France, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Poland, Slovenia and Malta and sent to the Commission following a...

03.02.14 | News

Commission proposes to combine and reinforce existing school milk and school fruit schemes

The European Commission today published a proposal bringing together two currently separate school schemes, the School Fruit Scheme and the School Milk Scheme, under a joint framework. In a context of declining consumption among children for these products, the aim is to address poor nutrition more effectively, to reinforce the educational elements of the programmes and to contribute to fight...