Round table: Effectiveness and Sustainability of Innovative and Good Practice in Rural Area Development

Start date: 28.09.12

Tallinn, September 28
9.30 hrs. Nordic Hotel Forum, Conference Room Sirius

25.09.12 | News

Social care facilities will be built with 15 million BGN from the Rural Development Programme

State Fund Agriculture approved projects worth 15 288 900 BGN under Measure 321: Basic Services for the Economy and Rural Population. The projects come from 19 municipalities that plan to build or improve social care facilities for children and youth as part of the national strategy for removing children from social care institutions. The budget for the admission period, which lasted from...

20.09.12 | News

The projects of young farmers will be reviewed at a fast rate

Farmers submitted 1 479 applications worth 72 315 705 BGN during the application period under Measure 112: Setting up young farmers between August 20 and September 11. The budget for this period was 78 232 000 BGN, which is enough to finance all projects that meet the admission criteria set under the decree regulating Measure 112. The funds were transferred to its budget with the seventh...

18.09.12 | News

EU confirms change in biofuel targets

The European Commission rejected Monday charges that EU biofuel policy was contributing to soaring food prices but confirmed that it will trim its targets for their use. Biofuels were once seen as a potential source of cheap alternative energy but critics say they are often based on food crops or use land that could and should be used for food production, helping drive prices higher,...

11.09.12 | News

Adoption of measures to adjust to climate change necessary

The Ministers of Agriculture of the EU confirmed their strong commitment to the necessity for the promoting of measures through the new Common Agricultural Policy to adapt to climate change. Water scarcity and land abandonment linked to adverse climate conditions were in the centre of the discussion at the Informal Agriculture Council which was held on the 11th of September 2012 in Nicosia....

10.09.12 | News

Commission to recover €215 million of CAP expenditure from the Member States

A total of €215 million of EU agricultural policy funds unduly spent by Member States is being claimed back by the European Commission today under the so-called clearance of accounts procedure. However, because some of these amounts have already been recovered from the Member States and the Commission is reimbursing Spain following a Court ruling on a previous disallowance decision, the...

03.09.12 | News

Grape growers fight to keep planting limits

Grape growers are lining up support from EU national governments and the European Parliament to protect limits on vine planting that are due to expire by 2016, a liberalisation move they claim will destroy one of Europe’s premier industries, reported EurActiv. The planting debate is gaining momentum as a high-level group organised by Agriculture Commissioner Dacian Cioloş searches for...