CAP:Regresso ao Futuro

Paulo Aguas

28.06.12 | Perfil e apresentações dos participantes

Chairman of the Board of APPIZÊZERE. Assistant Professor in the School of Agriculture, Polytechnic Institute of Castelo Branco since 1997. Chairman of the Scientific Technical Unit of Natural Resources and Sustainable Development, Vice-Chairman of the Scientific Technical. Chairman of the Board’s Operations Centre and National Technological horticultural. Member of the Board of AREFLH (assemble Frutiéres Européennes et des Regions Horticoles), College of Producers.

Confederation of Farmers of Portugal

The Confederation of Farmers of Portugal (CAP) was founded on November 24, 1975, born of a spontaneous movement of the Portu- guese farmers.
Today, CAP is emerging as organizing agricultural and socio-professional groups over three hundred organizations throughout the country, which translate into Federations, Warehouses, Regional Associations, corresponding to the main agricultural areas of Portu- gal, technical associations specialized by sector and Cooperatives. With all its affiliates maintains permanent contacts in the form of regional meetings, national or plenary, listening to problems and needs of domestic agriculture and forwarding the same to technical analysis, specialized studies or strategies to be adopted. Defend the interests of Portuguese agriculture in the country and abroad, always safeguarding the economic component of the activity are the objec- tives of the Confederation of Farmers of Portugal, in defense of a worthy life and quality for all farmers who wish to continue their activity.


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