Marisa Marmara

28.06.12 | Perfil e apresentações dos participantes

Graduated in November 2000 in Bachelor of Commerce with Specialisation in Public Policy and Management. Employed in June 2000 with Raca Ltd as Company Administrator. Managed 12 top fashion brands locally - was responsible for ordering, marketing and the day to day run- ning of the offices. Employed in May 2003 with J.Grech and Co (established company in home decorations) as a General Manager. Managed various retail outlets and distribution chains. In year 2010, I applied for the post of a General Manager in a not for profit organization - MAGF. Was awarded the post and starting working full time in October

2000 to date. Presently I manage the Majjistral Local Action Group Foundation which is one of the Local Action Groups (LAGs) established on the Maltese Islands with the responsibility to implement a European Programme called LEADER. Attended various meetings in Brussels related to LEADER, LAGs and National Rural Networks in member state countries.

Majjistral Action Group Foundation

The Majjistral Action Group Foundation is one of the Local Action Groups set up in 2009 to implement the LEADER programme and other meas- ures under the Rural Development Programme for Malta (2007-2013). Their aim is to help improve the quality of life and economic prosperity in the North-West rural areas in Malta. The foundation aims to achieve this through driving economic development, encouraging business com- petitiveness and increasing the awareness and management of the natural assets in the region.


“Challenges for the Maltese rural community – the work of a new LAG to help its rural society”.pdfpdf.gif(6.91 MB)