CAP:re:turn to the future

Margus Vain

28.06.12 | Profile and presentations of the participants

Margus Vain is an architect in his work life, but besides that he is also a proud father of his four children and he still finds time to contribute to his community. He is the village elder of his village Patika, also the board member of the association of village elders in Rae municipality, the board member of the county association – Kodukant Harjumaa and of the national organization NGO Village Movement Kodukant.

NGO Village Movement Kodukant

NGO Village Movement Kodukant is an association of non- governmental organisations, structured at 3 levels:

  1. National Association made up of the County Associations and 6 other NGOs;
  2. 15 independent County Associations, one in each Esto- nian county;
  3. village associations.

Kodukant embodies the spirit and values of the villages and is driven by a passion to retain rural life and traditions. It is a voice and market place for rural people and an uniting force for the many dispersed rural communities.


“The Estonian village movement Kodukant – How we support life in the Estonian villages?”.pdf pdf.gif(27.01 MB)