CAP:re:turn to the future

Sirje Kuusik

28.06.12 | Profile and presentations of the participants

Sirje Kuusik has experiences as rural entrepreneurship consultant from 1995. Main subjects of consultancy, project managing and training has been:

NGO Sustainable tourism network Genuine Experiences in Lahemaa

NGO Network Genuine Experiences in Lahemaa is founded in February, 2005 by 17 family vased sustainable rural naturetourism businesses in Lahemaa region (Lahemaa National Park) in North-Estonia. The network has written rules for of sustainable development. Our 17 memners have a wide range of sustainable rural turism services, including local and organic food, different type of accommodation, defferent saunas, different handicract products and programmes for making it, activities in the nature, including nature trails, riding, old viking boat and canuing trips etc. We have implemented 2 Leader projects and applied successfully fot the third to develop a joint brand for Lahemaa Genuine Experiences Network. The main co-operation partners are Ministry of Environment, Lahemaa National Park, Lääne-Virumaa County Government, North- Estonian Tourism development organization, NGO Rural Tourism in Estonia, Rural Network of Estonia, LAG Arenduskoda and many others.


“NGO Network Genuine Experiences in Lahemaa in developing sustainable nature tourism services, including local food”.pdfpdf.gif(3.78 MB)