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State Fund Agriculture paid out 126.6 million BGN under the green measures from the Rural Development Programme

19.12.12 | News

The funds under measure 214: Agri-environmental payments are almost twice the amount paid out in 2011. This year, 2303 candidates received 50.2 million BGN. Another 63.4 million BGN were paid for agriculture in disadvantaged regions – respectively 48.7 million BGN for farmers in mountainous regions and 15.7 million for farmers in areas other than mountainous regions. A total of 37 955 candidates received subsidies under these two measures.
The SFA experts put in extra effort into administering the Axis 2 measures of the Rural Development Programme (RDP) so that the funds could be paid out before the end of the year. In addition to the increased funding for agri-environment, the number of approved applicants under the NATURA 2000 measure has also gone up. There were 3309 approved applicants who received overall 6.6 million BGN.

The results show increased interest from farmers toward the green RDP measures. They are also a testament to the effective work of the administration in processing documents faster and facilitating the entire application process.