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The 2012 beekeeping programme reached an 82% absorption rate

15.10.12 | News

The second year of implementation of the National Beekeeping Programme 2011-2013 concluded successfully. Beneficiaries signed 1 188 contracts with a total value of 6 763 246 BGN. So far, 5 367 783 BGN have been paid out, which accounts for an 82% annual budget absorption. This is the highest absorption and the largest amount of funds paid out since the start of the programme.

There are several reasons for the good results: traditionally, beekeepers have a strong interest in the programme; this year, beekeepers with approved projects under Measure D: Renewing Community Bee Hives could apply for special loans with favourable conditions; it was possible to overcontract subsidies under Measure D.

The 2013application period is expected to begin in the middle of November 2012. All necessary forms and instructions will be published on the website of State Fund Agriculture.