Interview with Francisco Telles Varela

Why you chose to participate with this particular picture in our contest?
I chose this picture because I think that transmits a very strong message demonstrating the hard work and the great value of rural life. Right now the return to basics is a reality and there is a huge economic potential in our agricultural fields that is being wasted.

How did you hear about our competition?
I heard about this competition through the social network Facebook.

Do you think this competition contributes to the promotion of agriculture and rural areas among people who are not farmers?
I believe that this competition can sensitize people who are away from rural areas through the beauty and the messages conveyed by the photos in the competition, though, from my point of view, the promotion of competition itself should have been promoted further, especially in terms of other social networks and other media such as television and radio, and also through the promotion at universities for example.

Would you participate in future contests on this theme?
Of course I will participate in future editions with this theme, given that associates some of my greatest passions: photography, nature and country life.