Jaime Ferreira

28.06.12 | Profile and presentations of the participants

Mr. Jaime Manuel Carvalho Ferreira graduated in Forestry, UTAD and post-graduated in Tropical Agriculture, ISA.

In 94-01 he was working for Natural Park Sintra-Cascais. In 96 he became a member of the board of QUERCUS – National Nature Cons. Ass. Since 01 (exc. 04-06) he has been a Head of Green Spaces Department in Parks of Sintra-Monte da Lua, S.A. (PSML). Since 06 he is a PSML – Technical Director and coordinator of the Reinsertion Project “Património gera Inclusão”,at PSML, awarded with a National Prize for Socially Responsible Companies, by IAPMEI (professional reinsertion of prisoners at Gardening, Forestry, Construction - until now over 76 prisoners worked there; 16 ex-prisoners were contracted by the company). Since 09 he is a Head of the Board of AGROBIO.


Agrobio – The Portuguese Association for Organic Agriculture, founded in 1985, is a pioneer institution, playing a determinant role in the dissemination of Organic Agriculture in Portugal. Have more than 6000 members. It gathers people of all ages and professional backgrounds, who share concerns about food quality, health, environ- ment and the defense of healthier agricultural practices.

Develop work with consumers, growers, processors, retailers and policy makers. Agrobio is the most experienced organic agriculture association in Portugal, and have a vast experience in training, research, marketing and giving technical support to growers. AGROBIO is a member of IFOAM (International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements), and a member of IFOAM-EU Regional Group.


“Organic Agriculture in Portugal: Producing and consuming locally”.pdfpdf.gif(1.14 MB)