Francis Galea

28.06.12 | Profile and presentations of the participants

Francis Galea was born in Malta in 1953. He studied at St. Albert’s the Great College and later on at the University of Malta from where he graduated in Journalism. After his studies he entered the Civil Service and worked in various departments. These included the Health Department, Agriculture and Fisheries Department, and the Department of Social Security. He has participated in various seminars and conferences both in Malta and overseas. Between 1996 and1998 he was a member on the Board of Co-Operatives and Acting Chairperson for one year on the same Board.

Since 1999, Francis Galea was engaged as Senior Information Officer with the Board of Co-Operatives and worked closely with most of the local co-operatives especially those in the agricultural and livestock sector. He has already published nine well researched books, one of which is a text-book about the formation and management of co-operatives.

The Board of Co-Operatives

The Board of Co-Operatives is a Government organization which oper- ates from its offices in Valletta, Malta. The functions of the said Board is to register, regulate and supervise Maltese Co-operatives according to The Maltese Co-Operative Societies Law of 2001. The main functions of this office is to support and assist the establishment of co-operative societies in all sections of the economy and, to furnish information regarding co-operative principles, practices and management. Apart from registering new co-operatives the Board of Co-operatives gives advice regarding changes or amendments needed to ameliorate the Co-operatives Law for the benefit of the Co-Operatives Movement in Malta.


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