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MEP Mariya Gabriel defends before the EC Bulgarian rose and lavender oil

10.01.13 | News

Bulgarian MEP from the EPP /GERB/ Mariya Gabriel deposited a question to the European Commission regarding the legislative changes foreseen by the Commission in early 2013 to reduce or ban the use of many natural ingredients in perfumes. In the justification of the question she points out that such measures would adversely affect the global industry and manufacturers of natural ingredients.

The changes planned by the EC are based on the opinion of the Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety (SCCS) on fragrance allergens in cosmetic products. According to it among the fragrance allergens are linalool and linalin acetate, main components of lavender oil and geranial, one of the main constituents of rose oil.

"Bulgaria holds 40% of the world exports of rose oil and is first in the export of lavender - two of the traditional ingredients of hundreds of famous perfumes", said Mariya Gabriel.

In this regards she urges the European Commission to answer a few questions:

- What measures will take the Commission in respect of manufacturers of natural ingredients, for most of whom this is the main occupation;

- Is there an alternative proposal from the Commission for planting of other crops which can be used in the perfume industry;

- Will the producers be financially compensated in any way;

- Does the Commission have an impact assessment on how these changes will reflect in the perfume industry and agriculture in the EU.

European Commission has to give a written answer to the questions of the Bulgarian MEP.