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Minister Naydenov: The bread prices will remain the cheapest in the European Union

31.07.12 | News

Pricing of bread will not rise, while the produce is to be the best for the past 20 years in terms of quality while the remaining the cheapest in the European Union. This was stated by the Minister of Agriculture and Food Dr. Miroslav Naydenov after the meeting of the Advisory.

"If there is any increase, it will be with mere stotinki and will not affect any social group. Currently we are witnessing a very dynamic global market of which the country holds only 0.8% so in no way can we influence the market or for that matter stay isolated from it. Yet, bread that will cost 2 leva – we will definitely not see", said Minister Naydenov.

He reminded that the markets in Europe and the U.S. also record a price increase and the reasons are the record draught overseas as well as the affected land and crops in Europe due to the severe winter and poor harvest in the Black Sea region. However, a historic price peak is not present currently, because in early 2008 the prices of wheat had also reached 510 lev per ton, and at the moment quality bread grain is traded for between 420 and 480 leva per ton, said the deputy chairman of the National Association of Grain Producers Radoslav Hristov.

The wheat from the new crop is harvested to almost 100% with a total yield of about 4.2 million tons, said the President of the Advisory Council on Grain Mariana Kukusheva. This quantity is absolutely siffucient for our internal market so almost half of it is expected to be exported. Over 68% of our wheat is with very good baking qualities, which is 13% more than last year’s, added Kukusheva.

The dry and hot weather in June and July adversely affected the maize and sunflower. So far we have concerns about the situation with both of the crops, said Minister Naydenov. "Unless a miraclehappens and it rains, the crop failure may eat away the good results of the wheat," said the minister. Corn is a major component for livestock. The situation with prices and yields of maize and sunflower will be discussed tomorrow at a meeting in the Council of Ministers, which will be attended by Prime Minister Boyko Borisov, Minister Miroslav Naydenov and representatives of farmers, the manufacturing business and retailers. The aim of the meeting is to see where are the profits along the chain going. At present the consumption in the dairy sector has shrunk. Dairies are clogged up with produce while prices are falling, the Minister explained. Cattle-breeders need to besubsidised. For this we shall ask the EU that subsidies per head livestock be paid earlier (October or November), said Minister Naydenov.