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Fund "Agriculture" approved a 2.5 million leva to be used for ethnographic exhibitions, tourist centers and trails

29.06.12 | News

Investments are under Measure 313: Encouragement of tourism activities, part of the Programme for Development of Agricultural Regions. Four projects are going to be for establishing centers for exhibition of ethnographic heritage and the natural pride of municipalities Smyadovo, Alfatar, Nedelino, and Nevestino. The funds will secure traditional national-style costumes, 3-4 minute films representing local ethnographic, historical and natural heritage as well as the audio-visual equipment for their continuous presentation.

Two of the other projects include building a hiking trail in the municipality of Tzenovo. Additionally bicycle lanes and rehabilitation of existing trails as well as a new mobile stage for cultural events will be sponsored.

With funds from the programme a tourist information center will also be built in the municipality Stambolovo. The approved grant for the project includes the costs for information systems, office equipment and development of promotional materials for the promotion of tourist products.