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Natalia Todorova

28.06.12 | Esinejad ja ettekanded

Executive director of the National Association of grain producers, Bulgaria since April 2011; in charge of operational activities and involved in the drafting of strategies and programmes for the organization.

National Grain Growers Association

The National Grain Growers Association is a sectoral organisation of Bulgarian grain growers which was established in 2006. The Association consists of 21 regional graing rowers organisations from all over the Republic of Bulgaria, brought together by the concept of modern, competitive grain growing in Bulgaria. The purpose of the organisation is to represent and protect the common economic interests of its members and support and encourage the development of their business, their individual economic prosperity and the grain growing sector as a whole. The National Grain Growers Association has been concerned with a series of negotiations and the establishment of productive dialogue with the authorities on agriculture-related issues of public importance.


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